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Buying a Home is one of the Most Important Decisions of your Life. There are so many things that you are certain that you do not have any experience with, and its easy to have the Real Estate Agent Mention "Remodeled Kitchen and Bath" and to not even be aware that no-one has serviced the Air Conditioning in years. Buying a House is also a Shared Decision, where you and your Partner each have Ideal Section or Amenities, but it can also be stressful for years, and years to come. Its a Normal Feeling to question the Motivation of a Real Estate Agent, or Current Homeowner, especially when you're looking at a list of all of the things that were Remodeled or Recent Improvements. If the Current Owners just spent a whole lot of money to improve a House only to sell it, then what else is wrong or what wasn't remodeled? If only there was someone who was Un-Biased, didn't depend on Sales Commissions, and was incredibly knowledgeable about what is a Good Investment and what the Sellers may not have even known about themselves? Before I met Robert, I had No Idea what a Home Inspection was. I also had never met someone who was on Par as a Professional, Independently Educated, and Experienced Enough that He is often called into Court to Testify about the Integrity of another Home Inspector, or when a Landlord Blatantly Ignores Basic Maintenance and the Tenant Needs an Expert Opinion. Efficient, Professional, Punctual, Clearly Communicates, follows up to make sure you're happy, and works with you after the Actual Inspection to Provide Additional Documentation. Robert is Also a Veteran, and I am also- so I can testify to the fact that Robert's Integrity is Absolutely Intact. You will NOT Be Disappointed, and You would have to spend far too much time looking to find anyone close to as Qualified, and likely end up realizing after a few moments on the phone that you're in very good Hands. I would Absolutely Recommend, to any Buyer, Seller, Tenant, Landlord, Real Estate Agent, or Fellow Veteran. You will be impressed with the thoroughness of the Report, and the Peace of Mind that You will be getting is well, well worth the investment for the Inspection.

G.B., Brick Twp, NJ

Robert was very professional, was able to knowledgely answer questions with no hesitations or having to research. Also has every tool for the job and came very prepared to inspect the home im looking to purchase. Just like anything else you get what you pay for. In the future i would gladly work with Robert again.


Extremely thorough, knowledgeable and personable. He worked around our schedule and explained in great detail every aspect of the inspection. We called him on a Sunday and came to our house the next day after we were done with work. The final report was way beyond our expectations and was a 100-page report with pictures to back up every concern he had. They made specific recommendations to rectify the problems in the house and let us know any questions we had in the future we could contact him. There can not be a more thorough house inspector. We couldn't be more satisfied with Master Home & Building Inspectors and Environmental Testing Consultants LLC. They were also very receptive to our needs and explaining in great detail the proper remediation for the extensive problems in the house. He was at our house for many hours and even returned the next day to make sure all the pictures and every aspect of the house was inspected in great detail. We received our report in just a few days!

Marge W., Long Branch NJ

In late August I was in contact with Certified regarding concerns about the possibility of mold due to a long time, recently repaired shower leak from the condo above ours. As our shower stall is 1 piece fiberglass with a separate fiberglass roof, water had been seeping in through the seam between the stall and roof when the shower upstairs was used. Scary to think of what was going on behind the fiberglass! I was put at ease with our first conversation. He was very pleasant, knowledgeable and explained the procedure to me. He came out to check on the situation and while using his thermal imaging equipment to look at the studs behind the shower stall, discovered water drops on the outer roof of our shower. Another leak that we were unaware of!!! He made a 2nd visit, drilled a hole in the sheetrock above the the shower stall opening and used an instrument to view the location of the leak, when the owner above us was present to see it. After the leak was repaired, the inspector was back again to do the mold test. We just received the test results and thankfully, we are in good shape! Money well spent for peace of mind!!! He is a true professional in his field, and as a Realtor I will recommend them to my clients that may require any of the services he provides. Thank you!

Sue G., Seaside Park, NJ

On Monday, September 3rd I located some visible mold on one of my HVAC vents within my apartment. I had purchased two af home test kits from Home Depot that within 48/72 hours grew a significant amount of mold. On Friday, September 7, I filed an insurance claim which was denied same day because my property manager stated he didn’t see any mold after an inspection of my apartment and his maintenance technician stated denying it as mold and describing it as dust. When my insurance claim was denied it was suggested to find a mild inspector. I came to the internet and after some research and a job hire request through Home Advisor, I got a call back within five minutes of my Home Advisor search. I described my situation and requested that he perform the job as soon as possible. He stated he was available for Saturday, September 8 for 1800, I informed him that because of my work schedule I wouldn’t be home until 1830. He arrived at 1830 precisely. Through and through the inspector was receptive, focused, and had attended to my concerns as a professional should, in my opinion through the phone conversations. Upon his arrival he was a polite guest, and ensured he left a minimal footprint in my residence, but thorough his inspection and testing he was significantly impactful. Soon after he arrived he began a thermal scan of my apartment and guided and explained his processes, detailing how important each item of attention needs to be. Within minutes his scan uncovered a hidden ticking time bomb of mold adjacent to my hot water heater closet and underneath my bathroom tub, which could be exposed by removing a man-hole cover from the drywall. Upon visual inspection it was horrendous to see just how much water and mold was collecting, and how it was eating away through the materials. He took detailed digital photographs as well as thermal picture-in-picture digital photography of the mold site. Additionally he obtained air quality samples, and a swab. He legitimately initiated a chain of custody report of the samples and appropriately serialized the samples so that when the samples were analyze no custody was lost. I also described my concerns with the construction of the HVAC unit and he took a visual inspection and uncovered how the setup was nowhere near industry standard and was a concern that had to be elevated to ensure compliance was obtained and met. Finally, he had recommended Radon testing, however, knowing that the situation was already paramount, he offered to have it done at a value cost, but later he identified that the mold and HVAC situation was of already so much concern that a radon test wasn’t as necessary. His total time on site was approximately two hours and he completed exactly what I was expecting: a detailed inspection which should have been already done by my property manager, but apparently needed someone of experience and knowledge. I highly recommend his services, and will utilize him for Home Inspection for as long as I live in New Jersey, or use him as a consultant for future such matters. Finally, his staff was kind and also just as attentive to my concerns and needs, as they ensured that the times and days to work through his services were best on all ends. The fact that he could act as an emergency inspector and tester is a true testament to his superior business standards. As of this writing it is Sunday, September 9, and I should be receiving a detailed report of his inspection and testing by end of day Tuesday, September 11.

Nicholas W., Mount Holly, NJ

Extremely professional. Very informative and knowledgeable. The difference between this and other companies is night and day! The thermal imaging camera that can see behind walls is amazing. Most inspectors are just guessing. Not this company. They have the tools to be accurate other diagnoses! The experience and knowledge is above and beyond!

Dani P., Manahawkin NJ

An extremely thorough and detail oriented home inspection. Was very easy to ask questions and get honest and thorough answers even when we did not understand, he was very patient and detailed in explaining in layman's terms. He's on time, professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. He really cares about the customer and takes great pride in his work. This was the second time we used him for a home inspection and would very highly recommend him to others.

Tiffany G., Burlington NJ

They did a fabulous job of water infiltration inspection. He was very thorough and shared not just what he saw but also taught to me what it means and gave me some maintenance tips. He went beyond and above of what he was hired to do. His report was very detailed and findings and recommendations were very clear, leaving no room for ambiguity and nothing left open for interpretation. I've already referred him to one of my friends. I was discussing with my friend what I saw in the inspection and what it meant, he has been seeing something similar in his house but didn't think much of it, but after hearing me he realized it is actually a water leak mark in the attic.

P.S., Belle Mead NJ

Respectful and professional. Took me over to show some key components in the house and make me understand on life safety and appliances maintenance, etc. Advise: it will be good to give a follow up call to customer after a few days of inspection, and possibly go over the report if there is anything that need customer?s attention now or in near future. Overall GREAT service

Vinay B., Piscataway Twp NJ

Extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Not only was I provided education during the walk through about my home and quality, they were friendly and made my wife and I very comfortable. Truly World Class! He is the only Specialist you should hire!

S.J, Jackson NJ

They were professional during the entire inspection process. He readily explained issues that he uncovered in a way that we could understand any potential deficiencies. He also took the time to point out the things that were done well in the house. I would highly recommend Certified Master Home Inspection.

J.D., Howell NJ

Professional and thorough and walked us through each aspect of the inspection. His ongoing service after the initial inspection shows he is dedicated to his clients and cares about their experience throughout the home buying and home owning experience. The extremely detailed report with recommendations is proving to be very helpful in educating us on next steps and as an introduction to all aspects of the home.

G.B., Hoboken NJ

This service was very user-friendly and it made my job easy. I was able to review and forward my comments and concerns from his website directly to my attorney. He is a consummate professional, he was very detailed and explained every step of the process. He was available after hours and on weekends when I had questions and concerns. I am referring him to friends and family for future service. Thanks again.

E.R., Keyport NJ

A total pro; was very patient and accommodating, especially for a first-time buyer like me. Inspected the house from stem to stern, highlighted issues I never would have spotted in a million years. I have absolute confidence in his findings.

P.H., Edison NJ

Great to work with. Being a young, first time home owner with my husband, I had no idea what to expect and/or look for. When he came in, he explained what was going to happen and what he was going to look for. When he was finished, he walked me step by step through our home and explained in detail what everything meant. He even explained how my washer and dryer worked! To say that working with Certified Master Home Inspector was easy would be an understatement. He was great! This was one of the easiest parts of our home buying process and I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

N.G., Matawan NJ

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